effort */*/*/

effort */*/*/
UK [ˈefə(r)t] / US [ˈefərt] noun
Word forms "effort":
singular effort plural efforts
When you put a lot of effort into doing something, it is like using a part of your body. Does she have the backbone to stand up to them? Or will she just give in? You have to put your back into it. They only succeeded by using their political muscle. Put a bit more elbow grease into it. My heart's not really in it. I had to sweat my guts out to get it done in time. We must all put our shoulders to the wheel. Just try to put your best foot forward now. I've been keeping my nose to the grindstone. He was the kind of boss who liked to get his hands dirty.
1) [countable/uncountable] an attempt to do something that is difficult or that involves hard work
an effort to do something:

The restructuring was part of an effort to boost company profits.

in an effort to do something:

Detectives are talking to other witnesses in an effort to corroborate her confession.

make an effort to do something:

I've made an effort to drink less tea and coffee.

make little/no effort:

The drivers made no efforts to check their vehicles.

an effort of will/imagination/memory:

She was trembling violently, but with a determined effort of will she stopped.

despite someone's efforts:

The man died despite the doctors' efforts to revive him.

a concerted/joint effort (= made together):

a concerted effort by the nations of the world to protect our environment

Adjectives frequently used with effort
▪  big, brave, combined, concerted, determined, feeble, great, individual, joint, last-ditch, massive, solo, sustained, team, vain, valiant, wasted
2) [singular/uncountable] physical or mental energy needed to do something

The aim is to obtain maximum reward for minimum effort.

physical/mental effort:

The sheer physical effort of shopping is a burden to most of us.

take/require effort:

Writing a book requires a lot of time and effort.

put effort into something:

Mary put a lot of effort into this project.

with an effort:

Nathan controlled his temper with an effort.

3) [countable] the activities of people who are working together to achieve a particular aim

international relief efforts

4) [countable] informal something that someone produces or creates, often something of poor quality

His first effort in 1991 was a collection of short stories.

As smiles went it was a poor effort.

5) [countable] mainly journalism an attempt to score a goal in football
6) [singular/uncountable] physics the force used on a machine of any type in order to make it able to move an object

make the/an effort (to do something) — mainly spoken to do something even though you do not want to or you find it difficult

I wish you'd make the effort to get on with her.

English dictionary. 2014.

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